I'm not receiving emails from my contact forms (setting custom SMTP)

The default Tech Site Builder form is set up to send an email as if it is coming from the person who filled out the form. This is typically what we're used to in direct email to email communication.

However certain email servers will not trust an email that says it's sent from a particular person, but is actually sent from a different server, which is the case with emails sent via your Tech Site Builder contact form.  This may result in the email getting filtered as junk or being blocked entirely.

If you're having trouble receiving emails from your website forms, TSB gives you a way to configure Custom SMTP, which will send all your website form emails through your own email host's SMTP servers.  This means every email that gets sent to you through your contact form will be sent from your own email address through your trusted email provider. This should eliminate any email delivery issues that you may be experiencing.

How to Set Up Custom SMTP

  1. Log in to your website's dashboard
  2. Go to the Site Settings Screen
  3. For the option Use custom SMTP server? select "Yes"
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Settings
  5. Click the link that now appears under the custom SMTP drop down menu called "Configure Custom SMTP Settings"
  6. Follow the instructions on the page to add your SMTP settings (you'll need to contact your email hosting provider if you need help finding your SMTP settings).
  7. Click the Test Email tab at the top and fill out the form to send a test email to verify deliverability.

Watch this video for a detailed walkthrough:

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