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Be able to have multiple addresses

I have a feature request that I would like to submit to the TSB team.

Background: I run my computer shop out of my home office. Many people in the tech community know why I do not release my home address to my clients. It involved an incident with a client that had mental issues and she stalking/harassing my family for thinking we "tapped her phone line"... To fix this issue, we partnered up with a local business in two different towns. Our clients are able to drop off and pickup their computers at these local shops during business hours.

Feature Request: I would like to be able to add multiple location in TSB. 

The reason for this request is that I was trying to add a map of our location to the footer. We list our first drop off location as our business address. As of right now, I can only show that one location. Luckily we have been able to get around this by adding information to the contact us page.

Who would this feature benefit: I feel that this feature would benefit anyone that is currently running multiple location or utilizing drop off & pickup locations like we are. 

-Mike Slodowski

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Computer Repair LLC, 

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